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A little history about Pipera

by Nicolae PREDA
august 27, 2016
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Here are some things that surely many of you didn’t know about Pipera:

Today, Pipiperapera is an expensive but quiet neighborhood, but more than a century ago, counted only 20 houses, a threshing machine and a church. Voluntari city was called „Cetatea Voluntărească” name given in honor of the war veterans.

A monograph of 1966 states that the appropriation made by Cuza in 1864 led to the establishment of a hamlet composed of 20-25 households. Residents had the status of serfs on the estates around. Their land reform provided the first nucleus of the current communities.

There was built a monument dedicated to the transylvanian volunteers who fought in WWI. The inauguration of the monument took place in 2008, celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Great Union of December 1, 1918.

In the past years, the city has become attractive for real estate and there was a significant demographic growth.


If you want a house in Pipera, a quiet and full of history area, do not hesitate to contact us:

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